Welcome To Yalla;

Home of Kindness, flavor, and friendship.

Yalla is a Family owned restaurant where we bring great flavors of Middle Eastern food from many different countries. From our most ordered item persian shawarma to the most flavorful side (side brussel sprout), every dish is made here at Yalla with love and joy.

We are open to any suggestions and ideas our customers share with us and our goal is to make your day a little bit more enjoyable.


We also want to share with our customers that the food at Yalla is Halal. And If you are not sure what halal means, we will explain it to you in a second:

Halal is meat excluding pork, that has been prepared by halal guids. One of the important things about halal meat is that the animal must have been fed a good natural diet. Also, the process of slaughtering is abuse free.


We would appreciate you if you let us know what allergies you have and we will make sure to make your food in the safest way possible. We have had a lot of customers with allergies to nuts or gluten (or celiac) who tried our food.

Join the Yalla family today! we would love to see you there!





  • Mon-Sat 12PM-7PM
  • The only day we are close is Sunday! 🙂